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A Nine Member SRC Editorial Board Inaugurated

A nine member SRC Editorial Board was yesterday inaugurated with a call on members to make reforms and come up with innovative ideas that would improve upon the upcoming SRC magazine.

Inaugurating the board, the SRC president, David Boakye urged them to bring their experiences to bear that would  add style and elegance to the new magazine so that student can get value for their monies, maintaining that  they should improve on the  content and the glamour of the upcoming magazine.

The board with Thomas Anaba as Editor-in-Chief also include Robert Ubindam the SRC PRO, Opoku Agyemang Emmanuel, Opoku Nti Ernest, Eunice Nketsia, Agyapong Clement, Naadow Charles Wonborge, Walegaamo Louis and Mame Aba Mends.

The board is tasked with the mandate to collate interviews, articles, short stories, jokes, professional advices etc, and bring out an eye glittering material and information that would not only educate but also entertain and market UCC.


Addressing the board after the inauguration the SRC president maintained that he had trust in the new board, “Per the team here, I believe they have the competency to come out with a good work that students would yearn to read. The Editor-in-Chief is someone who have galvanised a lot of experience because over the years he has been working  under the publicity committee” he said.

Also present at the inauguration ceremony were Winston Sena Ameevor, the SRC Coordinating Secretary, Achiyaale Raymond, the SRC treasurer and a host of others

Henceforth students can submit their article, jokes, short stories etc to the board to start processing for the new SRC magazine.

 Students can drop their works with close view pictures at the SRC office or through the following.
1.    Thomas Anaba             –    0202821982
2.    Robert Ubindam             –           0206595714
3.    Opoku Agyemang Emmanuel     – 0541833255
4.    Opoku Nti Ernest             –         0243023123
5.    Eunice Nketsia             –            0242953435
6.    Agyapong clement             –      0247890098
7.    Naadow Charles Wonborge    –     0541842543
9.    Mame Aba Mends             –        0245875569
8.    Walegaamo Louis             –        0249066920