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Ayensu Station Created in the Aftermath of the Blockage of Science Garden Gate

The Head of the Herbarium unit under the school of Biological Sciences has denied claims that the Science Garden gate has been closed.

Mr. Francis Otoo in an interview with maintained that the science Garden gate has not been closed as alleged by students but they have only halted people who used that portion as a shortcut to Ayensu and other environs, and many others who turned the place into a prayer camp and “wee” smoking joint.

He maintained that, in consultation with the Dean Biological Sciences, they realized that the purpose for which the garden was created was being abused and owning to that, many exotic trees that the university has spent so much in planting were beginning to die out due to lack of maintenance of the garden.

He insisted that the garden will only be open for student groups or individuals who want have retreat in the garden or who want to use the garden for research purposes.

“I maintain that the garden has not being closed as some students have been ranting about, but we have only stopped people from using there as a footpath, and to me, this should be beneficial to students because they have been reported cases of attacks on students by miscreants” he said

Meanwhile, a new taxi station has been created at the science taxi station in the aftermath of the blockage of the science garden gate.

Speaking to a taxi driver who only gave his name as Master Y, he said that the creation of the new station was borne out of the need to help students who ply that route to attend lectures and who due to the blockage of the science garden gate battle with dust to attend lectures everyday.

However, some students picked their thought suggested that the creation of the station has brought relief to them but bemoaned that the 60p being charged by the taxi drivers was too expensive considering the distance of the road.
story filed by Abdul-karim Mohammed A.(Fayar)

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