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First Year Students Will Not Write First Semester Exams This Semester

First years students who were admitted into the University of Cape Coast for the 2013/2014 academic year will for the first time in more than a decade not write their first semester exams. 

This was disclosed by the Vice- Chancellor Prof. D.D Kuupole yesterday in a consultative meeting that brought together university management, lecturers, students and other members of the university to deliberate on wide ranging issues at Auditorium 900.

The Vice –Chancellor maintained that owing to the alteration in the academic calendar as a result of late admission of first year students, they would write their exams early next semester.

‘’ It is embarrassing but l would say, some students had their registration after matriculation which means that you missed out so many lectures, it would not be fair for you to write exams, when they have not covered enough’’ he said.

 He continued that, the university administration wants to ensure that first year students would have at least twelve weeks of contact hours, and that, while the continuing students would be writing their exams, first year students would continue to attend lectures.

He added that, first year students will go for the Christmas break and report back to campus and start their exams from 14th January, 2014, but maintained that measure have been put in place to ensure that first year students write the second semester exams with the continuing students as it has always being the case.

The SRC president David Boakye on his part thanked the university administration for responding to student welfare with the installation of forty projectors at some lecture theatres.

He however, bemoaned the malfunctioning of fans, light and sockets in some lecture theatres as well poor wireless internet access by students, and called on the university management to respond quickly and address these problems.

He disclosed that the SRC has purchased a 30- seater bus for the running of shuttle services from SRC hostel to science, but called on the university management to allow shuttle services to ran from the shuttle station to Valco, Casford and Nkrumah due to the exorbitant fare being charged by taxi drivers.

He added that, the SRC has purchased a 300kv plant that would supply FELT with lights in the event of lights out.

The event was heavily participated by all the rank and file of the university community.   

story by Abdul-Karim Mohammed A(Fayar)

Communication Studies(0268466467)