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Open Letter To The SRC President, David Boakye-Danger Beckoning in Our Washrooms

PhotoDear Mr. President,

I write to draw your attention to a very fluid situation in this earthly paradise ‘UCC’ that if not nip in the bud has the propensity to act as a catalyst for an outbreak of diseases in this university.

I would first of all commend you and your able leadership for curving a niche, with respect to the myriad of problems that raised its ugly head following the strike action by TEWU and FUSSAG.

I applauded your administration on Monday 30th September, 2013 for contracting casual workers, all in an effort to rid our campus of filth. I remember filing a story on this bold decision that you took on this platform.

I must confess that I was subjected to barrage of criticisms following that story because for some students this was a sycophantic gesture trying to do the bidding of my master. To them I was bespectacled and failed to see the true picture of the level of insanitary condition on this campus.

Mr. President, I have come to appreciate the fact that, there seem to be an overall general ignorance with respect to the level insanitary condition in our washrooms in particular.

In a bizarre and incomprehensible fashion following the bashing I endured, I decided to take a stroll to some washrooms at the LT’s and the G. Blocks.

My first port of call was the washroom adjacent LT 18 and upon stepping foot inside that washroom, the stench that greeted me could force the dumb to talk in resistance of forcing a bitter tablet down his throat. In fact the whole place has been smeared with human excreta and the choking smell, just unbearable.

My knowledge fleshed out and deepened my appreciation of the graveness of the situation on the ground when I continued my inspection to the G-Blocks. The whole floor in some washrooms have been flooded with faecal matters soaked in urine, and  in fact it takes a brave man to dare urinate in the sinks there owning to the foul  stench emanating from the WC inches from there.

Mr. President, as the adage goes, a sound mind strives in a sound body and in my case, a sound environment. This awful situation can serve as a recipe for an outbreak of diseases and we cannot turn a blind eye and pretend all is well neither can we sit on the fence and watch.

If the TEWU members who have the primary responsibility to ensure cleanliness in our places of conveniences are on strike does it mean we cannot have an alternative means to get these places clean? This is a test case for you as SRC president and you must take the bull by the horn and surmount this challenge. I want to believe that you are not privy to the level of insanitary condition there.

Attending to nature’s call is one of the must in life, just like eating and sleeping. When nature calls, one cannot do anything but answer. The best thing one can do would be to put the call on hold, although that cannot be for long especially after eating science market “gob3”. Not even the Dukes, Monarch, Presidents, or the VC can hold the beep from the call of nature because it can spell doom for any person in question. What if a person suffers a stomach upset while around science, where would the person turn to?

We were all witnesses when your predecessor lavishly spent our monies in the name of bringing the rapperholic, “Sarkodie” to entertain student in the SRC Week Celebration, and the “April fool” Sarkodie displayed to students, only to resurface and perform for five minutes on stage.

The “kelewale” episode still lingers on the minds of some of us. But that is not my mutton.

My beef is that we cannot spend our monies so extravagant while the SRC hostile is sitting down at a deficit of 120billon. We cannot continue to endure this insanitary condition which may end some students at the UCC hospital and wait when it is time for SRC Week Celebration, We would go and bring one so called Artiste who would come and carry our monies away.

Let us not behave like the proverbial vulture who only sees the need to put up his house when it is raining but forgets thereof when the rain subsides. A word to the wise is “in the north”.

I recent my case, I shall return

Yours faithfully
Managing Editor: