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SRC President Solicits Views

Mr. David Boakye, SRC President
The SRC President, Mr. David Boakye is soliciting views from students on academic matters. In a message he sent via facebook, Mr. David who is supposed to meet management of the university on Monday, is asking students to share their views pertaining to a decision that is to be made on a possible extension of the academic calendar.

Read below the full statement:

Fellow students it has become very necessary for me to reach you through this medium to take your views on an important issue that I have to represent students on Monday for a decision to be taken by management.

Due to the resumption of academic work on Monday,after the strike of UTAG a management meeting with stakeholders to consider the lost three weeks is going to be organized on MONDAY.

The following scenarious have been given and i need your views on them, I will print and present at the meeting as students view.i will also meet hall presidents and departmental presidents on sunday to take their views and add.

The following are the options presented to us:

(1)To maintain the current time table and end exams on 14th December,for continuous students and 21st December for freshers.

(2)To add 0ne week to the continuous students date for us to go with freshers on 21st December.

(3)To do lectures and come to write EXAMS immediately after CHRISTMAS. Please as i said your view will be highly respected and i promise to present the MAJORITY view to the council which is going to be the major decision that will come.


Note: Please do well to express your views at the SRC Office, oldsite.