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Standing To Receive Lectures- The Story of Fresh Students

 PhotoIf you have always envisaged the university to be a very rosy and comfortable place, maybe this is the time for you to rethink again.

It was a nightmarish and tormenting moment for some level 100 students on Tuesday, November 6, when they had to stand outside and participant in their communicative skill lecture.

The students were having a two-hour lecture at LT 2, but the Lecture Hall was too small to accommodate all of them, forcing some of them to stand outside and receive the lecture through the louvers.

It appears the fresh students have had their own fair share of the vigorous academic environment in UCC, this comes on the wake of last week when they had to run helter-skelter apparently because some of them could not found their names on the groupings for their communicative class.

As it has always being the case over the years, the fresh students had been put into groups but it turned out to be another torturing moment because apparently some of the names had been pasted over others, making it difficult for some of the students to locate their names.


Story filed by Abdul-Karim Mohammed A (Fayar)

Communication Studies