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Students Turned Zoomlion

 If the thought of the good old days in primary and secondary, when students where forced to clean-up their compound could be dreadful, for level 300 communication students of UCC, this trauma, better imagined than felt.

On Monday, 30th September,2013, level 300 communication studies students had to sweep their Lecture Theature before they could hold lectures because their  lecture theatre had being littered with garbage owing to the protracted  strike by TEWU.

Mercy Addo, a level 300 communication studies student had to take the frontline and sweep LT8 before she and her colleagues could have their early morning lecture.

With this, students in UCC indeed have not been spared of the venom of the industrial strike action of TEWU and FUSSAG and would warmly plead on them to rescind their strike action.