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Support FAYA for LNUGS Secretary

Abdul-Karim Mohammed also known as FAYA, a BA Communication Studies student and an editor for and its accompanying weekly newsletter is participating in this year’s LNUGS elections for the position of LNUGS Secretary.

As a founding member of Choicism Media who for close to two years has helped to become UCC studens’ number one reliable news and information source, we here at Choicism are soliciting for your support to get him elected.

FAYA who has much experience in the areas of leadership is the Vice-President of Creative Writers Club and an editorial member of the Faculty of Arts Newsletter and Magazine. He is hardworking, honest, loyal and down to earth.

Below is his mission statement and what he plans to do.

Mision Statement: Raising the bar in our students body politic and creating a vibrant and attractive communication machinery that would give a strong voice to students.


1. Resolving bottle necks in student loan procurement.

2. Help in the organization of forums to make students better understand the Students Loan Trust Fund.

3. Creating a platform that would facilitate quick information dissemination to students through the use of social media platforms, websites, radio announcements.

4. Being close to students in order to ascertin and help solve their problems.

5. Contributing great ideas to the LNUGS Secretariat.

6. Help ensure the judicious use of student funds for worthy causes.