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UCC Student Lives in Fear after been Attacked in a Robbery

In the early hours of Friday,the 12th of October 2012,a robber attacked a student in his hostel room in Amamoma but failed to make away with any item.

Speaking to after the unfortunate incident, the victim who prefers to be known as Mike narrated his ordeal.

“Around 2am on that Friday after I had gone to sleep after learning with my laptop, I woke up to find a burly man in my room who was about exiting. In his hands was my laptop.”

 “At this point, I grabbed him and a fight ensued. I shouted for help and other students came around but were scared in joinng to apprehend the robber”.

“In the process of the struggle, the robber threw away the laptop therby causing the screen of the laptop to crack.Being exhausted, I had to let go of the robber who bolted off.”

“After he bolted off, I realised there were two live catridges and some tools which the robber possibly used to break the door open.”- the victim narrated.

The student who had bruises on his shoulder and forehead was grateful to God for saving his life but could not hide his frustrations at his hostel mates who stood careless.

“I never felt unsafe in my hostel until now” he said,”We have burglar-proof on the windows qnd i dont know how he managed to enter my room without a sound. I thank God for my life”he added.

The student has since promised to report the incident to the University Police.