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UCC To Make Operational Accra City Campus

The University of Cape Coast is to make operational the Accra City Campus from next academic year in order to ease pressure on the main campus.

This was disclosed by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor D. D. Kuupole on Saturday while addressing matriculants for the 2013/2014 academic year at the university.

“From next academic year, we hope to make operational the use of the Accra City Campus so that some students who are offered Business-related programmes can have their lectures there during the week while the Distance Education students also use the facility during the week-ends,” he said.

The vice-Chancellor indicated that the ever increasing population of the university has compelled the university flout the in-out-out-out policy and has revisited the old policy of de-linking admissions from accommodation.

A total of 5,677 undergraduate students were admitted this year out of a total of 19,454 applicants, comprising a total of 2,019 females representing 35.6% and 3,658 males representing 64.4%. This indicates a short fall of female admission which stood at 36.3% last year.

The vice-chancellor further recounted that a total of 467 post-graduate students were admitted out of a total of 934 applicants comprising 145 females and 322 males, an increase of 7.9% over last year’s figure of 433.

 Story filed by Abdul-Karim Mohammed A.(Fayar)

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