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UCC to Put-up Police Station in the Diapaora

The SRC President, David Boakye has disclosed that plans are far advanced to put up a police station in the diaspora in a bid to overcome any future security challenges in the wake of the murder of the late  who met his Godwin Chukwudi Ayogu untimely dead on Tuesday night.

He said that this idea was mooted long ago but the land on which the project was going to be put up was taken over by some people who had turned the place into hostels but promised that the authorities have negotiated with these hostel owners who have agreed for their hostels to be pulled down to pave way for the building of the police post.

He disclosed this in an interview with in the aftermath of the gruesome murder of the late  , a level 200 Godwin Chukwudi Ayogu Nigerian student whose body was found near the Palace Hostel on Tuesday,February,18, 2014.

He admonished students not to panic because the university’s authorities in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, the National Security, the Central Region Security Council and the police are in talks to tighten up security both on campus and the diasporas.

He however noted that there is more to the murder of the late Godwin Chukwudi Ayogu than just a normal murder case reiterating that the University authorities are in a series of meetings with the national security and the Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana to unravel the actual cause of the dead of the late Godwin.

He advised students to be security conscious especially during dark hours.

story:Abdul-Karim Mohammed Awaf

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