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Catalyst For Change hits UCC Campus

Beginning with life’s journey is always difficult and mind-boggling questions are often pondered. To unlock the answers to your questions and provide you with guidances and professional counseling to your  career, join the “Catalyst For Change” crew as they cruise Campus with yet another thrilling and life changing seminar on 12th April,2014, at FELT AUDITORIUM 900from 9:00-4:00pm.

“Catalyst For Change” with Dzigbordi K. Dosoo and Friends  (BERNARD AVLE of CITI Fm and OSSEI minister and Entrepreneur).

 Join the ‘CATALYST FOR CHANGE’ experience as Dzigbordi K. Dosoo and Friends tackle important
life issues such as Real Life Experiences, Personal Image Development, and Relationships.

Catalyst for Change will be in Cape Coast and it’s a cool price of GHc10 for all participants. Participants get to take pictures with the speakers, a certificate and ITEM 13.

Be sure to be part of this transformational experience.
Call IVAN on 0263290834
Belinda on 0543337389
Evans on 0543702781

This seminar is proudly brought to YOU by: Image by Allure, Kanshi, Global Logistics, Yetron
Services, Allure Spa in the City, Nescafe, Safina and CITI Fm.