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UCC-SRC renders apology to Students, Headline Sponsors, Management for unsuccessful artists night event

The Students Representative Council (SRC) of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) has issued a press release expressing their outmost apologies to students, headline sponsors, management, Media partners for their poor preparation of their climax of the SRC artists night program.

This is as a result of an unsuccessful climax of its 59th SRC week celebration this year 2022 which began on Sunday Oct 2, 2022 to Saturday Oct 8, 2022 dubbed ‘Diwali’ SRC Week Celebration.

According to the release issued by SRC PRO, Pascal Korbla, “This was as a result of power surges which tempered with the sound systems”, the SRC said.

Also, the SRC is pleading with all students to accept their heartfelt apologies and is also preparing tirelessly to make sure it makes it up to students.

View Release Below:

However, UCC-SRC stated that they are much grateful to students who attended the program and the guest artists, Kidi and Medikal, who honored their invitation.

The SRC of the University of Cape Coast celebrated it’s week titled ‘Diwali’. The program started on the Sunday, October 2. The program had a lot of activities but its major activity was Saturday’s climax which hosted Lynx Entertainment star boy Kidi also known as Sugar Daddy together with song writer and artist Medikal also known as El Chairmano.

The program on Saturday started nicely with UCC Icons grand finale which made the place lively. As time went on, from the hours of 9:00pm the sound systems was malfunctioning with less clarity.

Around 11:00 pm to 12:00 pm there was a power surge.
Students thought it was a normal hitches that come the way of most events planning. Therefore students waited till the problem was solved. It was after that that Kidi came on stage to perform but unfortunately his microphone was not working and students couldn’t hear him at all. Therefore Kidi had to hand over the microphone to them and walk off the stage.

This created a scene leaving most students worried. This ended up on Twitter and other social media platforms where students were expressing their regret for coming and other netizens mocking University of Cape Coast.

Writer: Eyison Joseph