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BENESSIEN MOVEMENT: Takes Action on Flood crisis at the University of Cape Coast

A recent flood crisis on June 13, 2024, has impacted various areas of the University of Cape Coast campus, including Kwaprow, Amamoma, Apeosika, Ayensu, and the back of SWLT. In response to this devastating situation, Mr. Benjamin Essien-Davies, founder of the BenEssien Movement, has taken proactive measures to assist affected students and has called for support from NADMO.

With nearly a decade of experience on the university campus, BenEssien is dedicated to addressing the ongoing challenges posed by flooding. The BenEssien Movement has put forth a comprehensive policy proposal aimed at mitigating the impact of future floods on the university and its students.

The proposed policy includes collaboration with UCC management, CCMA, Rent control, and the Office of Dean of Students to regulate hostels and ensure they are in safe areas free from flooding. Additionally, the movement advocates for the improvement of drainage systems in flood-prone areas and the completion of key infrastructure projects such as the SRC Hall annex and the 5,000-bed capacity hall by the university management.

During this challenging period, the BenEssien Movement calls upon all stakeholders to unite to safeguard the well-being and safety of students and the university community.

Ogyanframa Reporting from Ayensu 🔥