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PEA-BLOSSOM, A life story to unfold

It was 10:13 pm while I sat down writing. I was writing, not because I don’t have a home or bed to sleep on, but because sleep eludes me. I was pretty tough when I was ten, ah can’t remember my much younger days that I trust you can’t recall yours either.

At age ten I was already a blooming flower taking after my mother; ‘sweeter than honey,’ that’s her name on my contact list.

Beautiful as the sun and delicate as a flower. Don’t mistake my delicateness to be a weakness, like I said I was pretty tough.

Oh, aside from being tough I loved ‘attention’ which today is my downfall.

My tenth birthday brought about my awakening, I loved to dance in the rain and moved my feet to the tune of the wind. I exchanged secrets with the tall trees giggling shamelessly. In fact, I had no care in the world, no bills to take care of and no one to make my fragile heart quake. No heartbreak to keep me glued and awake.

When I turned ten I found out I could sing and write, how exciting to find a new me. I channeled all my energy and excitement into singing and writing.

I was a walking dictionary because I loved to read. I gave my father his first warning letter Ha! funny right? yes, I was untamable. His offense was hitting me on the ‘bum’ for taking a book from a place that he forbid me to go. I do remember the words I wrote vividly and how I made an envelope for it to show I wasn’t playing “Cinderella”. That letter did a lot, it created a rift and put fear into the man, he spent half his years begging to rekindle the last relationship.

Now, let me tell you about my love life, pause… not so good a love life.

I can’t tell if karma is biting me in the back for stoning Edna and that guy that hot afternoon, but I was just ten and that scene looked disguising, could it be I hated the male species, I can’t tell today why I stoned them, all I knew was I just couldn’t stand the sight.

My identity I won’t reveal but my story I will tell.

For starters, how absurd it is for a kid of 10 to have a crush on an adult, preferably a teacher, well that was me, and I was smitten.

I was having those butterflies Chun class six teacher walk grace into the class. Weird! yeah.

I started imagining my fairy tale ending with him.

Fortunately but unfortunately the feeling was mutual, not necessarily mutual. He loved me, yes but like an older brother would love a younger sister.

For a kid, my age cunningness was a part of my attributes. I wanted this teacher very close for myself and I set out to achieve that by all means.

Like I said earlier, I was a blooming flower, very and unimaginably cute with no blemish on my skin. So the task was easy; I had my teacher twirling under my little finger within a twinkle of an eye, but alas! it ended because I had to leave for a higher institution(J.H.S School).

I turned 11 and the evidence of my growth started showing on my chest, little by little I was turning heads with every step I took, and I loved the attention. I had a motive when I got to the higher level; it was to continue the competition I left behind in the lower level, but, my hormones had a mind on their own, don’t think too deep.

Oh! It’s 10:34 pm now and I’m already sleepy would pause now and continue tomorrow, mind you, I’ve got a story to tell.

Writer- Nhaa_tHELoveWriTer