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Plans they say are the building block to our success. A Dream or goal without plans is no dream at all. People, who draw long-term plans always talk about how their plans worked out but have we bothered ourselves to know how those plans manifested?

On the other hand, some had very juicy and excellent plans when spoken of, would have you wished to tap into those plans yet, in the long run, those plans fail.

This is what Osho says, “Nobody has the power to take two steps together; you can take only one step at a time”.

However, in other to be successful with your plans, take them a step after the other. Don’t take two, three, or even four steps at a time. Well, at some points in time, you will lose guts, all patience, you might even think taking fast steps is best but Patience and Time will lead to success. Be slow but sure. You can do it one step after the other.

Taking a step after the other makes one see the outcome of what he or she did, it helps to know the action or step to take and also helps one to correct the mistakes they did.

Therefore, going forward, have good plans and work their step after the other, Meanwhile, I’m optimistic that a positive outcome is what you’ll have.
Just trust the process.

Writer- Edison Joseph