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As humans, we do come across many problems where hopes are lost, an idea or ways to come out of the problem have been tried but to no avail.

People you knew that at all times they will stand with you are turning their back against you.

The question then to ask ourselves is HOW ARE WE GOING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM?

Well, the answer to this is by asking a question that how many strategies do you explore in solving that your problem. We have been too reluctant as humans that we solely depend on a particular solution.

If that solution fails, that becomes the end of our quest in getting the solution. In some cases, people go in for solutions friends and relatives used and helped them but how are you sure that those solutions will help you in your problem.
Well, Abraham H. Maslow once said “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”

This means that if we continue to use a particular solution to our problem we psychologically tend to see the problem to be draining us but if we have other tools like a handsaw, chisel, plane, mallet, drill together with the hammer to explore the problem, we’ll be successful in getting a solution to the problem.

Therefore, we should try all avenues, all ideas, get in touch with people we trust to assist us in our problem.

A problem shared, they say, is a problem solved.

Writer- Eyison Joseph