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Choicism Writes- Where Do You Fit In?

Is the dream of every individual to be gainfully employed after University graduation. Any young university student hoping to work in the public sector after school should give it a second thought.

This is because of the clear awareness of how choked the sectors are… The system is not working, as the mantra goes “it is full”. Per records, reasons most graduates choose to work in the government sectors are due to thier secured avenue of income.

I would like challenge you to channel your thoughts and idea into starting something evocative aside your field of studies. In so doing, you can fit in somewhere whether or not if you are employed by the government.

Can you do anything aside your program of study at the university? Do you have what it takes to be employed without depending solely on the choked public sector? Can you start something on your own with the little you have? Ask yourself these questions while in school. Engage in productive things on campus, things that can make you innovative, and involve yourself in solving societal issues which can fetch you money.

A numerous number of students graduate from various universities and colleges, who are more qualified than you are. Following the happenings in the system now, if you are lucky to be employed is either by the grace of God or you know someone in the helm of affairs who also knows you. I always say, “is who knows you and not whom you know”.

Complicated right? This is a new phenomenon in the system. You have your destiny in your hands now. As the Joseph of your family, a lot of people look up to you however, don’t disappoint them with your negligence of understanding the new normal.

Liberate your family from the canker of poverty by working hard. Don’t repeat the mistakes of your predecessors, don’t complete and join the thousands of unemployed graduates on the street looking for employment.

Writer- Patrick Azimey