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In the Wilderness: Heal, Fall, Break, Rise & Move

There have been times where we get stuck at a point in time with our goals and ambitions. If care is not taken we may be driven away by certain circumstances that come along our way.

We turn to put blames on the people and things that surround us. Again, if care is not taken, we may lose those people and the very things we have.

We heal. We fall. We break. We rise. And finally, we move.

Yet how do we find our way out of such encounters and experiences?

Some tend to get stuck and give up on the way, while others as they realize their present position and being wise enough, try to find means to get out of the hole… Be wise, lest you lose it all.

If I could be of help to you while you are in such condition, there are these three things I’ve come to learn on this earth: thus, DISCIPLINE, LOVE, BELIEVE.

When you are disciplined with your life ambitions and goals, trust me you never lose track of where you want to go. Be Disciplined!

Also, To Love unconditionally, with no regrets of being misused or loving, you will go a long way. Men will never understand how you got to where you are, except love. And there is no greater love than the love of Christ in our hearts. Don’t forget to love yourself first as well. We are humans of imperfections, yet the love of God makes us complete. So Love!

Lastly, ending with this, I would say Believing is something so amazing. When you believe in God, yourself, and your potentials nothing can block your way to your goals successfully. None can ever entrust him/herself in something he/she does not believe in. Even our Lord Jesus believed before he died for our salvation: According to our Christian brethren. However, Belief! If you want to get there.

Don’t Give Up

We heal. We fall. We break. We rise. And we move!