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Personality Highlight – Jennifer Palm

“I showed up because I have to. It’s in line with my course and the path I have resolved to thread.”

That’s what Jennifer Palm had to say in an interaction with the report team at the Leadership Conference organized by the S.R.C of the University of Cape Coast yesterday at FELT 900.

Jennifer Palm, like all who have been in the political spotlight as potential contestants for SRC executive positions this academic year, took the opportunity with the the choicism team during the break session of the program to talk about politics politics.

She talks of politics as not a scary avenue, as it might be easily perceived, even though she admits it demands a great deal of self-confidence. “I’ve had some experiences in student politics, and that’s given me more confidence. I’ve learned to keep my composure and keep calm.

What I’m doing now is making steps to acquire diverse forms of leadership knowledge and philosophies” she commented.

As it normally happens in student politics, Palm seems to be showing up for every show or program for the obvious reasons.

She’ll be everywhere, because she has an agenda in mind.

Don’t be surprised to see her visit you in your hostel or hall room. Yes, she will be there because she’ll be needing your support.

Her name is Jennifer Palm.

Story By: Opoku-Agyemang Isaac