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Nigerian Students Celebrate 53rd Independence Day

PhotoIf you ever spotted a Nigerian student in UCC today adorned in their national colours, don’t mistake it for fashion, because the Africa most populous nation attained her 53rd independence today,1st October,2013.

As part of the activities to mark this day, the Nigerian community in UCC had a pre-independance day party yesterday.Today, 1st October, they held an academic seminar in welcoming Nigerian first year students and climaxed  their celebration with a float.

Historical evidences indicate that the earlier inhabitants of Nigeria were thought to have the Nok tribe followed by Kanuri, Hausa and Fulani who migrated to the country in the subsequent years. In the 13th century Islam was introduced in Nigeria, and the Kanem Empire continued to rule the country till the 14th century. With the annexation of British in 1886, it became a British colony in the later years. After years of hard struggle and political turmoil Nigeria achieved independence on 1st October 1960.

we here at doff our hats to all Nigerians in UCC especially to our Nigerian beautiful reporter Tenny Endutimepre Tumkarimu. May Nigerian overcome all its challenges including Boko Haram so that future generations will be proud to call home.

This is the message of president Jonathan to his people in Ghana.