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UCC House of Parliament Lashes Terrorists

UCC House of Parliament was on Wednesday nearly drawn into a verbal altercation between the Majority of the House and the Minority when the acting Majority Leader, Mr. Robert Ubindam stated that National Service Persons must accept postings to any field they are posted to regardless of their area of study.

The acting Majority Leader who also doubles as the SRC PRO revealed that graduate must be able to deliver effectively an efficiently in any area they are posted to even if that area does not have any bearing with a persons field of study. 

He drew an inference from the fact that President John Mahama was trained as a communicator but has found himself in the Flagstaff House and many other people are striving well in areas they did not even study, maintaining that some graduates from the Humanities have gelled well in the banking industry and therefore it is a flimsy excuse if graduate fails to accept posting to some areas. 

assertion however drew the displeasure from the minority bench led by the Minority Leader, Bikinteeb Nanang and his second deputy speaker, Yeboah Korankye known in student political front as Emancipator who immediately demanded that the acting Majority Leader withdraw that statement because it is not a reflection of the situation on the ground.

Quoting Hassan Ayariga, the 2012 presidential candidate of the PNC, that “if you do the same thing all the time, you will get the same result,” the Minority Leader opined that there are evidences that some Services Persons ended up being used as “errand boys” because they failed to properly fit into areas they were posted to and urged the National Service Secretariat to consider posting graduate to areas they can effectively and efficiently deliver their quota to help mother Ghana.

Emancipator however took a swipe at the amount paid to Service Persons describing it as a “pea nut” and continued that a hungry man is an angry man, so the Secretariat should reconsider the allowance package given to service persons.

The Speaker of the House, Katako Francis Kenneth however held the view that government must create more employment to absorb the ever increasing graduate because an upward surge of unemployment could trigger diabolic acts such as terrorism.

The House also paid tribute to the late Prof. Kofi Awoonor describing him as a gem and that his demise is an irreparable lost to Ghana and the world at large. 

Robert Ubindam, the acting Majority Leader raised the issue of terrorism which was the substantive motion before the House, arguing that terrorism has a lot of repercussion and must be abhorred and condemned, commending President Mahama for openly saying that Ghana will openly join hands to fight this menace.

The Minority bench also corroborated with what he said warning that Africans must not allow themselves to be polarized by religion and urged that as young intellectuals, we must not tag some religion as terrorist. 

The House adjoined sitting to next week, 9th October, 2013.