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Ben Essien’s Illuminating Pledge.

In the bustling heart at the CAALC auditorium 900, amidst the charged atmosphere at the first General Assembly of the SK-Led SRC Administration, Ben Essien, a Level 300 Bachelor of Law student and the Leader of “THE BENESSIEN MOVEMENT” with an inclination for community development, and hopping to be the next SRC president, made a profound gesture before the student body gathered for the SRC’s General Assembly.

The occasion was marked by one of the ambitious initiatives of the 2023/24 SRC Administration titled ” Operation Light up Campus and Diaspora”.

Addressing the assembly with a blend of passion and conviction, Ben Essien emphasized the pivotal role of well-lit spaces in fostering an environment conducive for learning and safety.

“As a proud alumnus and a current student of this esteemed institution, I recognize the importance of adequate lighting not only on campus but also in the diaspora where the majority of students reside,” Ben Essien declared.

He then made a groundbreaking announcement, pledging his support to the SRC’s initiative to donate Twenty(20) State-of-the-art Street Lights. Recognizing the magnitude of his commitment to enhancing campus safety and visibility, the audience (Students) who were in attendance erupted into applause.

Ben Essien’s pledge was not merely a gesture of philanthropy; it symbolized a partnership between the SRC and the wider community, united in the pursuit of student welfare and empowerment.The General Assembly concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and unity, fueled by Ben Essien’s inspiring pledge.

As the students dispersed, conversations buzzed with excitement about the transformative impact of ” Operation Light up Campus and Diaspora,” spearheaded by the collective efforts of the SRC and their esteemed supporter, Ben Essien.