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PEA BLOSSOM- A story to unfold, cont.


I was still as pure and innocent, naive; very much. I didn’t even know the word ‘date’ had other meanings to it.

Then, the new kid popped into our school on Thursday with a name that sounded magical to me, ‘Victor’. At first, it felt surreal when these goofy feelings started surfacing, hell, I could sit all day in class looking at his face, admiring his well-pressed shirt, and trying to maintain eye contact. LOL

I was now working on maintaining the longest eye contact instead of focusing on being the best. It started out as a little crush and then ‘puff’ I told myself I’m sure he is my forever; candidly speaking, it sounds ridiculous now because I didn’t understand and I didn’t know what love was, but now, I know you come to like someone because… And you come to love despite…

Morning on, my attraction for Victor grew, and gradually I started doing things to draw his attention to me (I didn’t butt my eye like a desperate person), but there was always a slight spring in my walk when I saw him at the canteen. This continued for some time, then, I became frustrated when it seemed all my efforts were futile, so slowly, I backed off.

Back at home, I was oblivious to the fact I had an admirer, one who is; tall, fair, and impressively handsome (I may have been but I had my specks too).

This kid had the hots for me yet I wanted Victor.

Now, how did I get to know this impressively fair tall handsome kid? Let me tell you…

I’m mostly picky so I choose my friends with care and I like the older, mature ones.

Kojo and Mercy are their names. Marcy was my get-to-go girl when my mum was being so hard on me. Kojo, well, he was sort of my human diary. I told him everything from how I drooled to what color of ….(ew! let me save you the details).

Yeah, this time it was the other way round. Kojo knew Joey, another tall fair impressively handsome kid, apparently, he happened to be his supposed ‘mentor’ (note the sarcasm here though, because, Kojo was somehow nuts). And he told him ‘everything’ too and I also happened to be one of them.

Somehow, Kojo became the mediator or say, ‘betweener’. He tried to convince me to be Joey’s object of fancy, but much as my hormones were all over the place I had a little religious side in me, however, I disclosed it with my Sunday-school teacher(I had hots for Victor and I couldn’t mention that to her, yet, here I am telling of Joey’s intention to him. Probably, you may think I’m a hypocrite, hmmm, I accept, that was me…)

Do you know the funny thing here? I exaggerated the whole thing to my teacher, telling him, Joey was pestering me with his proposal. (ha! poor Joey).

Ok, in the end, everything got spoilt. Don’t mind me, that just to tickle you, it didn’t end that way.

To be cont…

By Nhaa_tHELoveWriTer