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20 Arrested For Attempting To Hack University of Ghana Grading System

Students of the University of Ghana who want to illegally change their grades for the better may have to reconsider their decision or face the ire of university management.

This is the stern warning from Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana.

Recently, the University of Ghana Computing Systems added a new security feature to the interface where students access their grades to prevent unauthorized persons from logging onto the webpage of users.

But speaking at this year’s handing over ceremony of the UG local of the National Union of Presbyterian Students (NUPS-G) on Sunday, the Vice Chancellor noted that,

“We are aware students [are] soliciting for help, linking up to people around, trying to break through our system to change grades and to do all sort of funny things”.

He revealed that twenty persons have been arrested and interdicted in connection with the fraud and are facing disciplinary actions in the custody of the BNI.

Prof. Oduro Owusu further encouraged students to disregard imposters who approach them for a change in grade at a fee.

“The system has been tightened and trials are working perfectly well. If you are caught or somebody is caught and it’s linked to your name, you will leave the university”, he cautioned.

In another development, the Vice Chancellor has reiterated his call to audit the financial activities of all student leaders to avert the situation where such leaders amass wealth for themselves and ensure accountability, honesty and transparency at the student level.

Prof. Oduro Owusu has therefore called on past student leaders who acknowledge embezzling funds during their tenures of office to refund the monies as soon as possible or risk being deprived of receiving certificates upon completion.