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KNUST Student Embarks on a Journey for Great Unity

Kabiru Ibrahim, a second year student, at the Department of Religious Studies of the College of Art and Social Sciences has embarked on a voluntary journey across the ten (10) regions of Ghana for national unity.

The 67-day journey which started on the 6th of June, 2012 to 10th August, 2012 centered on awakening the patriotic consciousness of the citizens of Ghana through religion.


Kabiru Ibrahim stated that our patriotism should reflect our religious beliefs and that there is no separation between religion and our obligations as citizens of Ghana. Indeed, religion encompasses life. He continued that “We shall not litter the streets with filth because we are religious on the streets. We shall avoid bribery and corruption at workplaces because we are religious at workplaces.”

He noted that Ghana is afflicted by a deepened polarization as a result of the 2012 Elections. He said that during the funeral of Former President John Evans Atta Mills, he envisioned that 25 million Ghanaians had come together and were bundled with the flag of Ghana into an “unbreakable broom” which he terms the “discovery of the Great Unity”. The broom was so strong that it could sweep poverty and transform Ghana into one of the greatest countries in the world.

He urged politicians to borrow the momentum used in campaigning for peace before the Election and use it vigorously to campaign for unity.

Kabiru Ibrahim hopes to present his discovery of the “Great Unity” to the Vice-Chancellor, Chairman of the National Peace Council of Ghana for endorsement and also the President of the Republic of Ghana.

source: URO KNUST