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Level 300 student ‘humiliates’ male competitors to become first female SRC President of UDS

A female for the first time in the history of the premier university in northern Ghana, University for Development Studies (UDS) has been elected the Central Students Representative Council (SRC) President after cruising past her male contenders.

Miss Zeinab Mohammed Denderi, a level 300 student who was not tipped to win the contest shocked the student body by defeating four other candidates and emerging victorious with a 10 vote margin at the Nyankpala campus.

“The SRC President-Elect had a total of 761 votes representing 50.3% of the total valid votes cast while her contender had a total of 751 votes, representing 49.7% of the total valid votes cast. She therefore won with a total of 10 votes.” It was announced to wild jubilation on Campus.

The election which had earlier been rescheduled following an injunction by a Tamale High Court after a contestant Mr. Abubakari Abdul-Halim for the position of General Secretary Position challenged the credibility of the voters’ register .

The University for Development Studies, Tamale was established in 1992 as a multi-campus institution. It is the fifth public university to be established in Ghana. This deviates from the usual practice of having universities with central campuses and administrations.

It was created with the three northern regions of North Ghana in mind. The four separate campuses, include Wa Campus in the Upper West Region, Navrongo Campus in the Upper East Region, Nyankpala and Tamale Campuses in the Northern Region but government has announced plans to make all these three autonomous.