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OWASS de-boardinises 30 final year students

Thirty final year students of the Opoku Ware Senior High School in Kumasi in the Ashanti region have been de-boardinised by the school authorities.

The students are being punished for failing to attend mandatory evening learning sessions popularly known as Prep.

The punishment was announced to the school Thursday morning.

Speaking to media after exacting the punishment to the students, the head teacher Dr. Alex Nimoh Frimpong said the school will not tolerate misconduct from students regardless of their level.

“How can you be in the school and you won’t go for prep? In instances where you don’t go; as soon as you see the headmaster you run to the classroom but if I come round and you are happy and runaway without showing remorse, why should I allow such a thing to continue; I won’t.

“ Because they (students) are so many, we can’t send all of them home so we will use some of them as scapegoats so the rest can learn from it. If we allow them to get out of hands, we cannot control them because of their number. So those crying because of the punishment, they should go ahead and cry I don’t care,” he stated.

According to Ultimate FM’s Isaac Bediako Justice, the headmaster has also turned down an appeal to reconsider the decision by the traditional authorities in the area.