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OWASS Suspends 3 Alleged Homosexuals

Managements of Opoku Ware Senior High School (OWASS) in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, has indefinitely suspended 3 final year students of the school for allegedly engaged in homosexuality.

According to Ultimate News Isaac Justice Bediako, the suspended students include 2 science students and a visual art student respectively

Ultimate News investigations uncovered that one of the suspected gays attempted to suck the penis of his colleagues in the school’s dormitory.

Headmaster of the School Dr. Alexis Nimo Frimpong confirmed the suspension to Ultimate News but indicated that investigations were currently ongoing to establish the truth in the allegations.

Checks however revealed that angry students nearly lynched the suspected gays forcing the school authorities to suspend them to allow for investigations to commence in to the matter.

The alleged gays were among students who represented the school in the just ended Vodafone Icon inter-school music challenge with one being the lead singer.

Meanwhile one of the accused gays (name withheld) in an interview with Ultimate News, admitted behaving feminine on campus which he observed is natural but denied practicing homosexuality as alleged.                                                          

“There is no evidence to show we are gays. It is people saying things because we act girly. They pressured us to say we are gay. We just grew up and we behave girly”, he said.

A teacher who is not comfortable with the dismissal of the students describes the action as unfortunate because the school has no evidence to dismiss them.

He told Ultimate News the school should have first considered transforming the alleged gays through counseling if the allegations are indeed established to be true.

“I am deeply worried because these are adolescents who have future. If as adults and educationists we are unable to mould them to have a brighter future and tell the impact some of us have on their lives, I am very worried”, lamented the teacher.

The unnamed teacher said as a religious institution, discipline should be geared towards reforming and therefore cautioned management not to dwell on mere allegations to send students out noting that it will gravely affect their nurturing as adolescents.

Meanwhile classmates of the suspended students suspect the alleged gays confessed under duress for fear of what could befall them if they failed to agree to a crime they never committed.

Most of them appealed for a second chance for their colleagues to undergo counseling aimed at remolding them to become more responsible in society.