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Produce PhD Students Or Risk shutdown- Legon VC Warns HODs

Vice chancellor of the University of Ghana, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu has underscored the need to promote doctoral studies in the country.

Speaking at the inauguration of the doctoral academy and center for climate change and sustainability studies at the University of Ghana, the vice chancellor observed that the need to produce enough PhD students is to ensure a local supply of human resource to meet the growing needs of teachng in tertiary institutions across the country.

Professor Ebenezer Owusu Oduro mentioned that the minimum requirement for teaching in tertiary institutions currently is a PhD qualification, adding that training in doctoral studies is significant to the development of the continent at large.

“Anything PhD training is important, it’s important for us an institution, it important as a nation and as a continent of Africa, we can no longer tag ourselves as the dark continent, its important that because currently the minimum qualification for entry into teaching in any tertiary institution is teaching”

The vice chancellor also added that plans are underway to shut down departments at the University of Ghana that are unable to meet this target.

“Every department that cannot command the reasonable number of PhD students is not worth being a department and we shouldn’t be afraid to collapse that department and give room for departments that are ready to grow, and this will come very soon”

He further underscored the need for all relevant stakeholders to work collectively to ensure the number of PhDs are increased at the various tertiary institutions.