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Tribal politics hit University for Development Studies Wa campus

Tribal politics hit UDS Wa campus as only indigent of WA municipality and few Notherners are allowed to contest for election

The bias, tribalistic and ethnocentric vetting committee of UDS TEIN Wa chapter has bigotry vetted out all Southners who don’t bear a northern name from equally exercising their party’s constitutional right to contest and run for election for their up coming executives election to also contribute to victory 2016.

The vetting committee which is made up of the upper west Regional executives decided to take that tribalistic divisional decision to vet out southerners who will vie for any portfolio all because they need a lot of northerners especially those from WA municipality who will remain in the region to help in the campaigning of not even the presidential but the parliamentary elections since the Southerners may also leave to their various constituencies to assist their candidates.

It is obviously true, since for the past five years and more, most of the presidents elect are from the region and this shows a clear evidence that, the current incompetent president who is again going for a second round and as the name implies Nurudeen Pelpuo is also a relative to Hon Rashid pelpuo is believed by majority of the students to have had a hand in this tribal bigotry.


No Southerner no vote


written by

Paul Asiako