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UCC Clashes: UG Dean Bans Commonwealth Hall Week Celebrations

Repercussions from the riots at the University of Cape Coast some weeks ago seem to be far from over as the Commonwealth Hall at the University of Ghana is the latest casualty to be on the receiving end of the ripple effect of the happening through the annulment of their Upcoming Hall Weeks Celebrations dubbed ‘Suman Guru 2.0’.

Dean of Student Affairs at the University of Ghana, Professor Francis Nunoo made this revelation on Radio Univers’ morning Show Campus Exclusive on Monday adding that, the move of annulling this long standing tradition is in line with his outfit’s efforts to facilitate the police’s investigation into the roots of the violence.

At least 3 people were injured in the clashes between some students the Unity Hall of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Commonwealth Hall of the University of Ghana and the University of Cape Coast’s Ogua Hall. He added that this ban will also go a long way to protect life and property in the incident of any possible retaliatory action on the University of Ghana campus.

“In collaboration with the hall authorities my office has put a stop to the upcoming hall week of Commonwealth Hall. Reason being that we suspect that, there could be some retaliatory actions when they also organize their hall week. So to protect property and lives on campus we put a hold on their forthcoming hall week for now”, he said.

Meanwhile, Professor Nunoo reiterated that this move is just one of the numerous measures his outfit is prepared to take to defend the interest of the institution.

“This decision has been taken in consultation with the hall management and council which includes the student leadership as well. Additionally we’re exploring all the various avenues including security on campus. People do not come to your campus only when they’re invited. Students come to the various halls from the sister universities, sometimes without invitation and their friends host them in the halls… This is just one of the many sanctions and measures that we’re taken and a host others to try and protect life and property on the University of Ghana campus”, he added.

The Dean of Students was however skeptical as to duration of this ban, explaining the reinstatement of the week celebration depends on the outcome of the investigation.