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UG Dean Bans Outdoor Music At Pent Hall Week

The pomp and pageantry that accompany the celebration of Hall weeks in various tertiary institutions across Ghana is one that is anticipated each year as these activities are characterized by recreational activities amid music and merry making to the entertainment of the teaming youth.

But the African Union Hall at the University of Ghana, popularly known as ‘Pentagon’ will see this year’s festivities take a downward turn as the Dean of students Affairs bans the playing of loud outdoor music in the 2017/2018 edition.

Speaking at a Students Leadership Seminar organized at the Union Building at the University of Ghana on Friday, Professor Francis Nunoo stated that he had the capacity to ‘suspend groups’, individuals and activities that do not comply with the basic tenets of the University.

“When people are going against the rules, regulations allow for sanctions. Sometimes i give them mild sanction, sometimes written sanctions, sometimes I fine. We have thrown people from their halls, the next level is to suspend you for a year or sack you from the university all together”.

In March, the African Union Hall’s Artiste Night, as part of activities to climax the Hall Week dubbed ‘The Mosaic’, ate into the late hours of the night amid loud music, breeching the University of Ghana’s 11:00pm deadline.

The Hostel which is noted for its electrifying celebratory prowess saw the abruptly halted by the intervention of school authorities to the distaste of the vibrant crowd.

Professor Nunoo however articulated that this embargo on ‘Pentagon Hall’ is a signal the many ways his office can mitigate the rising level of indiscipline on among the student populace.

“I have suspended groups and things. Even one hall, I suspended them and said that this year they can have Hall week, but the Hall week will have no outdoor music. That’s the penalty… next time the hall members will think twice”, he said.

He also called on students in the university to exhaust all internal due processes before going public in relation to pressing concerns on campus.