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The story of LYDIA SPIO is one worthy of emulation.

Lydia Spio is a young lady of our noble institution, an affiliate of the Student’s Representative Hall (SRC hall), and a level 300 Communication Studies Student. She is the current Tein UCC women’s commissioner.

Hardwork and loyalty to the course of Tein UCC has always been her hall mark. Her charisma and energy towards Tein and NDC activities are magnanimously impressive. She has Trim participated in all Tein Akwaaba Drives; Door to Door activities and Registration. Her zeal for this political party is unmatched. A lady who has influenced over 300 students to join Tein UCC.

As WOCOM, she was able to organize programs for Tein UCC ladies while the school was on strike. This takes a resilient leader to execute such task. She also organized a free health screening for Tein UCC and this program brought the likes of TEIN UCC big wits and both NDC members of Cape Coast North and South including the MP for Cape Coast North. The program was the talk of town for a long time because the atmosphere was electric.. The Spio Effect🔥..

She was part of the famous Ragga “Obiara Ka ho” agenda that led to the capture of the Cape Coast North Constituency for the NDC in 2020 general Election.

THE LYDIA SPIO is currently contesting to be the Next Tein UCC President with the Teaser “Its about Time”. She strongly believes she has what its takes to position Tein UCC for the bigger picture ahead.