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The Official Afahye Friday Hangout to be on Sept. 6

The Chicken and Beer Party which has been dubbed the official afahye Friday hangout is ready to take off on the 6th of Sepetember at the Malta Guiness Goodness Centre near SSNIT Hostel, UCC at 7pm.

The organizers of the event, OutTymUCC have promised the biggest party ever and have put on the bill UCC’s greatest DJ’s including DJ Zion, DJ Blackout, DJ Werm and DJ Fro.

There will be a lot of side attraction at the hangout such as: reduced prices for first 100 people, photoshoots, free African print bags for a number of ladies, free airtime, pool tables among others.

The Chicken and Beer party is sponsored by Guiness Ghana Ltd,, 20/20 multimedia, myjcr, campus informer, BLM, UCC Gossipz.

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