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Casford Hall Festival Line-up

Friday 19/02/15
Dumsor Mpo Suro Mega Charging

Saturday 20/02/15
Aerobics with Adehye and Casford Cleans UCC

Monday 22/02/15
Live Morale from a Media House

Tuesday 23/02/15
Official Launching of the Hall Festival – CASFORD Abr3 Casely Hayford memorial lecture

Wednesday 25/02/15
 Official Day,Casford goes Red.
Blood Donation
 Donation to Ankaful Inmates and Casford House Aggrey Memorial
Indoor games: forecourt
Evening : back to our roots:home sweet home(Diaspora home coming)
BonFire and lighting of perpetual flame alongside kelewele party

Thursday 26/02/15 :
 ChangeOver (Girlie Girlie)
Casford brains @work (debate) between Diaspora and Hallers-AlutaSquare..

Friday 27/02/15 :
Casford goes Kolo, repping in old skul uniform(FCUBE)/ Serious Oldskul
Casford Kitchen :-ForeCourt
Casford goes Muslim Prayer
Nantwie Cup(continued); Royals Participating
Barbeque Night with live band: Evening session
Alumni invasion (senior fellows akwaaba)

Saturday 28/02/15 :
Durbar/ Cadet guard of honor
Car wash
Street Carnival

Sunday 01/03/15 :
Food fair/Omo(Tuo) special
Thanksgiving/ Gospel rock show