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Nkrumah Hall Clean their Hall as Hall Week Celebration Draws Near

Early morning of Saturday, 1st March 2014 saw hallers of the Kwame Nkrumah hall engage in a massive and comprehensive clean up exercise at the hall. Though cleaning of the hall is the duty of members of TEWU, the hallers took it upon themselves to do the cleaning.

From all corners of the hall, members were seen in their orange moral vest and working in harmony as they clean the nets, bathrooms, gutters, balconies, verandas and around the compound.

When the JCR president of the hall, D.J. Sambah Francis, spoke to, he said, ‘our main purpose of this exercise is to set a presentable ground to usher in the hall week celebration which begins on Monday. Also the exercise is to foster unity among hallers and inculcate communal labour in the members of the hall’.

According to him the turnout was massive such that they had to make extra provisions for refreshments and materials for the exercise. Commenting on the impending hall week celebration he said’ this year’s week celebration is purely centred on students. We want our members to enjoy, be educative and have fun. I therefore entreat all hallers and diaspora affiliates to fully participate.’

He finally added that the hall whose motto ‘leadership by example’, has once again shown a path and entreat all other halls to emulate.