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Adhere To Principles Of The Profession- Justice Crabbe To Law Students

A retired Supreme Court Judge of Ghana, Justice V. C. R. A. C. Crabbe has urged Law students of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) to adhere to the fundamental principles of the legal profession as they yearn to become professionals in the field.

“A lawyer in the pursuit of his profession or otherwise should not engage in conduct which is dishonest or otherwise disreputable to the lawyer. A lawyer should not engage in conduct which is prejudicial to the administration of justice or act in a manner likely to diminish public confidence in the legal profession or the administration of justice,” he said.

He further added that “a lawyer should not engage directly or indirectly in an occupation if the association with that occupation may adversely affect the reputation of the bar or prejudice the ability of the lawyer to attain properly to the interest of the client.”

According to Justice Crabbe, these principles when adhered by the students who aspire to be professionals in the legal field could make them occupy commanding positions within and without the law and bring radiant beauty and prestige to the profession.

Justice Crabbe, who was speaking at the Legal Luminaries Series held by the Law Students’ Union (LSU) of UCC, on the theme¬† “The Legal Profession and Its Methods”, enjoined the students to look beyond just the studies of their law books in preparing themselves to be professionals.

“We cannot justly call ourselves learned if our learning is confined to only the law books and the law reports… we need to understand that the law is a way of life, we need to know the law and appreciate the law. Then and only then can we understand life itself and appreciate life the better,” he stated.

Citing the roles played by some great lawyers, such as John Mensa Sarbah and William Esuman-Gwira Sekyi, in the history of Ghana, the former Supreme Court judge highlighted some significance of the legal profession in governance and in shaping human relationships.
“The leadership role of the lawyer in public affairs is very important. It is also appropriate, for the lawyer is an expert in the law and in the adjustment of human relationships.”

“We need to appreciate that the law is the instrument through which the government maintains stability in the society and establishes freedom and justice,” he added.

The Chairman for the programme, a legal practitioner, Mr. Michael Arthur-Dadzie, in his remarks called for the establishment of a quota system for institutions offering Bachelor of Law (LLB) programmes, to be given an opportunity to produce a number of students into the Ghana School of Law.

This he said, will prevent the situation of some Bachelor of Law students being subjected to an entrance examination in their quest to enroll at the Ghana School of Law for their Professional Law Course.

He advised the Law students to be punctual, as it is one of the key values on which the law profession thrives.

Lawyer Arthur-Dadzie again admonished the students to take advantage of similar programmes saying that “as students of Law, it is very important to participate in all such programmes be they in the legal field, humanities, particularly when the topic is centered on law. You may learn so many things.”

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