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“Africans Should Not Feel Inferior By The Practices of Their Forebears” – S.K. Asante

Prolific writer, Statesman and Former Secretary of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Kwaku Baprui Asante has stated that Africans should not feel inferior by the practices of their forebears. Speaking at the 10TH Kwame Nkrumah Memorial lectures at the main auditorium of the University of Cape Coast on the topic “How Our Forebears settled in This Land. The Free Trade and its Effects on the People”, Mr. Asante urged Africans to free their minds on whatever practices their forebears engaged, and be optimistic about the future, adding that, “we should be proud that our forebears did not marginalize any group in the country”. Everyone or group had room to operate freely.


Touching on apartheid, the ninety-one year old statesman mentioned that even though the system of discrimination had been “abolished”, there may be some remnants available. “Apartheid has been extinguished but, racial equality has not been unequivocally extinguished”, he said.


Among the key points he mentioned was culture, cautioning that, we as Africans must uphold to our culture. With different countries on the continent, there certainly are a vast number of cultures. Upholding these cultures and living by them will make us never forget our roots. He sighted “Kpojiemo”, that is, the “Outdooring” ceremony as observed by the Gas as an example of the cultural heritages we need to preserve and not allow religion to abolish them.


The packed auditorium of students, lecturers and other senior members of the University lauded S.K. Asante for his stewardness, and contributions to Ghana. His ability to deliver such a lecture even at ninety-one years is amazing. He ended his lecture by admonishing Africans to work together towards a common goal, stating “We know where we have come from. We know where we want to go but, we cannot go alone. We shall certainly overcome”.


The program was chaired by Nana Sam Brew Butler, Pro Chancellor and Chairman of UCC Council. In attendance were the Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor, provosts and deans of various colleges, lecturers and students.


The Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Lecture series was instituted by the University of Cape Coast in 1974 and inaugurated in November, 1976 by the first Chancellor of the University, Dr. Achie-Casely Hayford. The lectures are dedicated to the memory of late First President of the Republic of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and are expected to address issues of social, economic and political development of Africa in particular and the Black World in general. This year’s lecture was under the theme, “Whence Ghana? Wither The Nation?