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Downpour floods parts of UCC; academic activities halted

Parts of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) and surrounding communities are flooded following an all-night downpour, causing early Wednesday morning academic work to be halted.

The UCC Students’ Representative Council has asked students to stay safe indoors irrespective of their academic schedules.

Flood waters are overflowing in hostels, roads and gutters in the university areas forcing some lectures to be called off.

The rains, which started around 10:00 p.m. Tuesday, only subsided for a while at night through to Wednesday.

Parts of the university campus have been cut off following the rain, making students who were ready to attend 6:30 a.m. lectures stranded in the middle of walkways.

Students accessing the Cafe Roof Top Lecture Theatre from the Sasakawa road had to go back to find taxis or stop attending lectures.

Accessing the main lecture complex on the campus is challenging for students residing in the university traditional residential halls like Casford Hall, Kwame Nkrumah Hall and Valco Hall.

The situation is worse for students residing in the university’s diaspora where free flow of flood water is often a wish.

Amamoma, Ayensu, Apewosika, Kwawpro and Akotokyere where many students live, are cut off from the university campus.

While some students are still scooping flood waters from their rooms, others are frustrated and wondering whether to against all odds to show up on campus for tests.

But the SRC has issued a statement Wednesday morning asking students to stay calm and safe in their hostels regardless of their academic schedule for the day.

The SRC describes the situation as “disastrous and understands that the safety of all of students is most paramount in this critical dilemma.”

The council is asking all students to comply with this directive and wait for further communications while the rains are still falling.