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FASA-UCC Celebrates Arts

A performance by ASPA
The Faculty of Arts Students’ Association (FASA) of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) together with her Departmental Associations on Friday, 6th October, 2017 has held a programme dubbed “Celebration Of Arts” for members of the association.

The programme, which had the aim of bringing students and other members from various departments within the Faculty together, saw a number of outstanding performances by some students and teaching assistants.

Students from the Music and Dance Department were at their best with great musical and dance performances as well as a theatre performance entitled “How Dearly I Detest Thee” by students from the Theatre and Films Studies Department.

In a speech delivered by the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Peter K. T.  Grant, on behalf of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, he encouraged students to make time to release stress by getting entertained at such programmes but not at the detriment of their academics.

“You are here for a particular purpose and that is to learn. Nonetheless, you cannot be a robot without emotions and what better place to relax than come to the theatre.”

He thus advised that the students make time to experience this semester’s theatre seasons of the Theatre and Films Studies Department which was launched last Wednesday.

“At the theatre, you see real life events enacted so that you are able to be purged of your own emotions. The theatre is a mirror of life and it is through such performances that you have catharsis, which is purgation of emotions. So I would encourage you all to make time on your calendar and do show up with invited friends and note what your colleagues students are able to put up for us,” he said.

The FASA President, Mr Justice W. Kowene, also entreated students, especially the first year’s, to stay focused and know their reason for being enrolled in the university.

An excited student who was at the programme expressed his excitement to the organizers of the programme saying, “this is what we need, entertainment and fun. I wish this will happen every month”.

Present at the programme were heads of departmental associations within the Faculty of Arts, current and some past executives of FASA, students and lecturers from the Faculty of Arts.

FASA’s departmental associations include the Communication Students’ Association (COMSA), History Students’ Association (HISA), Students of English Association (SEA) Religion Students’ Association of Ghana (RESAG), and Le Club De Français.  The rest are the Classics and Philosophy Students’ Association (CLAPSA), Africa and International Studies Students’ Association (AISSA), Ghanaian Language and Linguistic Students’ Association (GHLINSA), Association of Students for Performing Arts (ASPA), Association of Music and Dance Students (AMUDS).

Source: Godfred Mawugbe |