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Former Speaker of UCC House of Parliament, Others Welcome Live Coverage of Supreme Court


The Youth Institute for Democratic Initiatives (YIDI-GHANA) wishes to send a congratulatory message to the Chief Justice and the Judiciary for permitting a live coverage of proceedings of the election petition.

We also congratulate the general public and all stakeholders who in diverse ways have contributed to the success of this call for justice. It should be noted that for any type of democracy, sound and credible elections are the most reliable means for the determination of who the representative of the people is and Ghana is not an exception. It is therefore imperative, that all grievances surrounding election must be sort out in such manner that all parties involved would have no further course for alarm. We once again, say congratulations.

It is of no doubt this case, promises to be a significant historical event in Ghana’s legal and political culture. Hence, allowing live telecasts of the proceedings in court, in accordance to the principles of open justice would avoid suspicion and political tension in the country and would go a long way to deepening our democratic credentials as a growing democratic state. Africa and the world at large will surely come to appreciate the growing strength of our democracy and the quality of our Judiciary as well.

Majority of Ghanaians believe in Open Justice as a principle of the common law and opening of proceedings to the general public will set the records straight for a general believe that justice is being conducted fairly in the open, especially as a large number of Ghanaians would have the privilege to witness the proceedings. This again, will produced positive results in relation to the public’s comprehension and appreciation of the judiciary process as well as to giving insight to others who are specializing in the area of law.

It is our hope the young people especially those in the Senior High Schools and the Tertiary will take the opportunity to learn from some of the proceedings that are going on. Ghana cannot afford to hand over the baton of leadership to unprepared youth.

Everybody has a role to play in ensuring that our budding democracy is not disparaged as a result of failure to diligently do our part in the disposal of all electoral disputes. All stakeholders and ministers in the temple of justice must reflect on this and play their parts conscientiously. The judiciary must also be reminded that its members should be ready to work harder in order to dispense justice and not deny justice by allowing delay tactics, since the saying goes “justice delayed is justice denied.”

We urge the general public, to honour this with respect, comport themselves and desist from acts that will cause mayhem in their communities.


Alhassan Jinjiwa Ishaq (Former Speaker, UCC House of Parliament)
Director of Communications (YIDI – Ghana)