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Fresh Students Go through Orientation

The Office of the Dean of Students has organised a three-day orientation programme for fresh students admitted to the University for the 2020/2021 academic year.

COVID-19 Protocols

In order to ensure compliance with COVID-19 protocols, this year’s programme was decentralised and organised on College basis. The programme was held from Monday January 11 to 13, 2021.

Fresh students from the various colleges were taken through causes and prevention of the pandemic by staff from the Directorate of University Health Services (DUHS).

College of Humanities and Legal Studies

At the New Examination Centre, Mr. Cecil Banson of DUHS reminded students of the College of Humanities and Legal Studies to be very careful about how they conducted themselves on campus in the midst of the virus.

“The transmission is from human to human through particles, since we are all here in a group, we must ensure that we abide by all the laid down rules governing COVID-19”, he appealed.

Provost of the College, Prof. Eric Amuquandoh asked the students to join the University to work as a team to ensure that the virus was contained by observing all the safety protocols. “This condition is like fire, if you don’t take care and you get it, it spreads very fast like fire”, he cautioned.

College of Health and Allied Sciences

Addressing fresh students of the College of Health and Allied Sciences at Auditorium 900, Mr. Alex Dartey Afrifa of the DUHS, admonished the students that protection should be their primary responsibility.

“Protecting yourself is your biggest responsibility, you must not trivialise it, rather be mindful of the existence of the virus as you move around on campus”, he said.

College of Education Studies

Taking students of the College of Education Studies at the Congregation Grounds, through practical ways of hand washing, Mrs. Gloria Aubyn of DUHS, asked them to always ensure a thorough regimen of hand washing with soap under running water. This according to her would keep the virus away so that they would not be infected.

She said: “after sanitizing your hands with alcohol based-sanitizer for five times, kindly wash your hands with soap and water”.

College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences

Students of the College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences had their orientation at the S. K. Adjapong Lecture Theatre where Dr. Madison Adanusa also reiterated the call to strictly observe the safety protocols to avoid being infected by the virus.

Dr. Adanusa asked the fresh students to avoid touching surfaces like tables, railings and others. “Wash your before and after lectures, after boarding taxis and shuttles, since the virus is transmitted from person to person”, he noted. 

Answering a question on the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Adanusa said the vaccine was meant for the prevention of infection and therefore called on them to disabuse their minds of the many conspiracy theories regarding the vaccine.

“There are many conspiracies theories about the vaccine now, but the scientific community will not allow us to be killed”, he said.

Other topics treated during the orientation included overview of Colleges/Faculties/Schools and Departments, Campus Life by CEGRAD and other selected topics.