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Help Promote Culture, Female Tertiary Students Advised

Mr. George Agboka, a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy, has encouraged female tertiary students to help in the promotion of culture through the food they eat, clothing, using local languages as a means of communication.

In his speech delivered at the recently held UCC Ladies Week launch which was on the theme “Promoting Ghanaian Culture, the Role of Female Tertiary Students”, he emphasized that women are the custodians of culture and further explained by saying women take the responsibility of the education and upbringing of children.

He also stressed on the importance of language as a vehicle of culture and culture cannot be transmitted devoid of language.”Even though some of our proverbs have been translated into English, their meaning change once it is in English” he said. He added that Tertiary Female Students can cherish their languages better. He also encouraged students to patronise the use of African fabriques and accessories in order to promote their use. One’s total well-being, according to him, can be promoted by sticking to the traditional local dishes.

Another point which he spoke about is the traditional marriage system which he advised students to opt for since the modern wedding is expensive.

Miss Adwoa Akowua Ewusi, the Women’s commissioner for GRASAG -UCC, advised Female students to dress to cover all vital parts to show they are indeed ladies and also added that “Civilisation came not to destroy the good in our culture but to enhance them”.