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Hostel Price Wahala: “This is a clear case of exploitation, which is unacceptable”- UCC SRC

The Student Representative Council (SRC) in a release yesterday, addressed students of its concerns and plans put in place to support them as they express displeasure in the increase of hostel prices on campus.

This is as a result of the sudden increase in the hostel prices by the hostel managers on campus as students lament.

However, the SRC in response to these cries has ensured all students body of their concerns after visiting several hostels with the local NUGS executives, that according to the SRC ” is a clear case of exploitation, which is unacceptable”.

In view of this, the SRC disclosed that there is an ongoing discussion with the management to reach a concensus with them and the hostel managers.

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Also, as part of the plans put in place, there is a scheduled meeting with the Rent Control Unit and the Ghana Tourism Authority to set a comprehensive Rent Policy to govern all hostels on campus.

Therefore, the SRC entreats all students to remain calm as they put measures in place to curb this issue.

Again, the leadership calls on the University management to extend affordable housing options on campus in other to reduce these cases.