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International Vulture Awareness Day Celebrated in UCC


Griffon Vulture


Dr.Justus Deokumah,a lecturer at the University of Cape Coast (UCC),has observed categorically that vultures helped against the spread of diseases such as anthrax,rabies,cholera and botulism in our societies.

He added that when vultures consumed the carcass of diseased animals,vultures prevent the spread of the aforesaid life-threatening diseases.

Dr. Deokumah was speaking at a programme held in Auditorium 900 under the theme:”Birds and the Environment:The Importance of Vultures in keeping our cities free of Diseases” to commemorate this year’s International Vulture awareness Day.

He noted that since vultures were expecially designed to dispose of animal and human waste,economically,it would reduce the government’s cost on waste management and also ease the job of waste service providers in the country.

The lecturer indicated that the popular misconception held by most people around the globe that vultures were symbols of bad luck, filfth and witchcraft was erroneous.

Dr.Deokumah noted amongst other things that there are a wide range of severe threats faced by vultures.For instance,he said,butchers deliberately poison meat for vultures to eat and die prematurely.

He educated the audience on how to protect vultures from going extinct,adding that there was the need for individuals and organizations to support environmental groups that lobby for better control of hazardous chemicals,among others.

For his part,Prof. John Blay,the chairman of the function and lecturer of the Department of the Fisheries and Aquatic, urged all and sundry to take the issue of conserving these species at heart,adding that they were of immense benefits to the society.

The International Vulture Awareness Day is observed on the 5th of September every year to bring to light ecological and socio-economic importance of vultures and measures to prevent the possible extinction of these scavengers.

By:Eric Tambolah/Communication Studies