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“Islam Relieved Women of Oppression” – Muslim Cleric

A Muslim Cleric at the Amamoma mosque has stated that Islam came to relieve women of oppression and granted them their rightful places in society.

Speaking at the Muslim seminar as part of the 52nd Adehye Hall Week celebration on the theme “Personality and Status of Women in Islam”, he recounted how women were treated prior to the coming of Islam, stating that the news of the birth of a female child was not accepted by their fathers and some fathers went to the extent of burying their female children alive.

 Women prior to Islam were regarded as properties and a part of inheritance and that they formed part of properties to be inherited on the demise of their husbands.

 Citing evidences from the Qur’an and some sayings of the prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h), he stated how Islam granted equal rights to women. He also stated that, “In Islam, the image of women is uplifted in that Islam provided for them rights to education, inheritance, bridal gift and made it explicitly illegal for women to be inherited”.

 Again, he made it clear that contrary to popular misconception, Islam restored the pride and dignity of women, liberating them from the shackles inhumane treatment”.

 Touching on the concept of the “hijab”, he stated that it is a form of worship and a tool that prevents women from molestation and harassment, as stated in the Qur’an.

 In attendance were the hall executives, the Muslim Council of the hall, members from Casford Hall Muslim Council, Valco Hall Muslim Council, Nkurumah Hall,  Oguaa Hall, Atlantic Hall and some members from the diaspora.