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Kwame Nkrumah Hall Student Jailed 6 months for Stealing

An affiliate of the Kwame Nkrumah Hall of the University of Cape Coast has been jailed for 6 months for stealing mobile phones on campus. This was revealed by the Police Commander of the University of Cape Coast Police Station, Superintendent Fii Otchil on Tuesday, 13th April 2021 when he addressed students at the official unveiling of the Kick Out Covid 19 Campaign organized by the SRC.

According to the Police Commander, the said student stole the mobile phones of his roommates and got his friend from Takoradi to collaborate in getting the phones to Takoradi.

He therefore entreated students to be vigilant and cautious of their own colleagues and roommates.

He added that some contacts are being made available for all to reach out to the Police in case of any theft cases.

“We are making some numbers available and we want you to get those emergency lines so that in case your neighbour or yourself were attacked, you just call for us to rush here to arrest them. We are going to engage you on a number of occasions sometimes through the SRC and other leaders we have”

“If you see our messages or any security tips being it a poster or any other media, take little time and participate. So that it will help you and others… our doors are always opened” he said.

Police emergency helplines: