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Let’s Endorse Afia For SRC General Secretary

Elizabeth Dwamena known with the teaser Afia is in the race for 2015/2016 SRC General Secretary slot and she is the new star that hopes to brighten the corner of SRC administration

Blistering with her ever-shining smile and decisive personality, Afia is with the motto “selfless, smart and spirited”.
Afia is an easy-going person, down-to-earth and commands a lot of verbal and written communication skills which are prerequisite qualities of a position of that magnitude.

Besides that, Afia commands the ability to develop original ideas, she is an all-round person, and to cap it all, she is very confident, a sterling qualities for the job.

To put it mildly, Afia is a good social mixer with a lot of determination, diplomacy, team playing skills and a well-balanced emotional and cultural intellect.

Afia transformative agenda include :
1)Team work
2)Vibrant publicity team
3)Adopting of Choicism media or developing an official and active website for SRC to ensure effective communication between SRC and the student body
4)Using other technological means of disseminating information to students such as bulk sms

Afia is therefore soliciting your vote to make this dream a fruitful one.