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My School of Life By Giov’HONEY

I take you up, elevator.
I bring you down, gravity.
I’m full of ups and downs, rollercoaster.
And I can drive you time like the bus, coaster.
But, what you must learn about me is this:
My way up is down.

So, you can be sure I won’t realize it if you happen to wear a frown.
And, oh, that frown, you don’t even need it now.
Because, being too full of yourself will only get you drowned.
Like I said:
My way up is down,
So, if you wish to go up, the must learn to go down, humility.
And that’s the sure way I can guarantee you won’t fall like humpty dumpty.
And, I hope you could decode the irony.
If your answer is ‘no’, then I’m so sorry.

But, I don’t think you were expecting the meaning to come to you so easily.
But, here, I give you another chance.
This time, try harder.

Because, I don’t give you what you deserve,
I give you what you fight for.
So, you can say I’m not a bed of roses.
And, I can also say, then, be careful if all you do is to take selfies making clownish poses.
Maybe, you didn’t read the news about what I did to Whitney Houston.
Perhaps, you haven’t taken some time to read about Mike Tyson.

But, just in case you do, remember to also read all about Michael, ‘the popcorn’,
Sorry, I mean, ‘pop king’ Jackson.
All these people were students of my class till that point when they missed the lesson.
They tried to copy others, oblivious of the fact that the test I give to each person
Has a different question.

But, I guess you’re lucky because I want to give you a clue.
It is but, a simple rule.
Don’t believe the philosopher when they ask you to discover me.
Even to them, I’m still a mystery.
Investigate, interrogate, analyse, synthesize, dissect, but don’t digest what the scientist feeds you about me.
It is just a theory.

As you investigate, interrogate, analyse, synthesize, dissect, but not digest,
You’ll gain experience.
The experience will teach you to make the inference,
That you can’t fine me living on Facebook, because not everyone likes you.
Following everything on Twitter, hoping they will lead you to me is epic failure,
Because, I don’t even have a handler.

Now, you know the rules.
You ought to also know the truth.

This is the way:
Start from the beginning, Genesis.
Go to Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, through to Ecclesiastes.
All along, make sure you investigate, interrogate, incorporate, assimilate, analyse, synthesize, dissect and digest.
Let me repeat it: dissect and digest everything to the end, revelation.
By this time, you would have read the full book by the all-time best seller, and the author of life-GOD.
And you would be qualified to be called a scholar of life.
You would also know how to live with me,
Unlike that dude who said he wanted to be somebody,
So, spent money he didn’t have,
To buy things he didn’t need,
To please people he didn’t like,
And said that was good living.
So, the next morning,
I left him.

And, his dream of becoming a somebody only left him as a dead body.
But, hey, don’t let death scare you.
If you learn to live each day as it comes,
Then I can guarantee that you’ll live for long.
But, always remember that my name is LIFE.
And, I’m short!